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The Cobbs at Port Ahuriri

Joseph and Harriet opened a photographic studio on Waghorne Street, Port Ahuriri in 1884, not long after they arrived in New Zealand.

Waghorne Street c1880. The Cobb's studio is amongst
the group of buildings in the centre of the picture.

In this later photo of Waghorne Street c1908 the Cobb's studio has been removed.
The Cobb's studio was situated to the left of the centre of this photo. c1908

The shop was situated opposite the London Hotel (no longer there) and nearby was the Denholm Store (still there, but covered in brightly painted stucco).

Denholm Store on Waghorne Street c1878

The Denholm Store c1900.

Across the street, and next to the London Hotel, was the Rolls Bakery owned by Mark Rolls. 

Rolls Bakery on Waghorne Street, 1894.
Mark Rolls and his family at the Rolls Bakery
on Waghorne Street, 1894.
Waghorne Street in the early 1900s.

Waghorne Street c1880.

The blue building is the old Denholm Store. The Cobb studio is likely
to have been where Winston Lane now lies, or on the site of the
green building which is currently a furniture restoration business. 

The blue building is the old Denholm Store covered with painted stucco.

The tin building is on the site of the old Rolls Bakery.
The other large buildings beside it are on the site of the London Hotel. 

The Spit Volunteer Fire Brigade building c1901

These two old villas were on Waghorne Street when the Cobb family worked there.

Another old original house on Waghorne Street.

On the far right is the Knox Church and on the left is an old original house.

Record Image
This is an early photograph of Port Aruhiri, Napier,
which was taken by Joseph around 1885.
It is currently owned by the Hawke's Bay Museums Trust.

Port Ahuriri, taken from Roslyn Street (2015).

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