Saturday, 3 October 2015

Cobbs at Trinity Methodist Church

The Cobb family were heavily involved in the Trinity Methodist Church from the time they moved to Napier in 1889 until patriarch Joseph died in 1911.

Joseph served as church deacon, was treasurer of the Western Spit branch of the church, was Sunday School Superintendant and was also on the Temperance Committee. His name appears on the church's meeting minutes numerous times. 

Harriet taught a Catechumens class for girls wanting to be baptized or confirmed, was a Sunday School teacher, helped at the Western Spit branch, and was leader of the church's Temperance Committee. 

George was on the Christian Endeavor Committee for a time. 

Mary and Alice (Mabel) were members of the church choir for a number of years. 

Here are samples showing the church officers at Trinity...

Trinity Church...

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