Elsie Day Cobb
23 October 1872 - 12 July 1957

Elsie was the eldest daughter of Joseph and Harriet. She was born at their home, 4 High Street, Christchurch, Hampshire on 23 October 1871. The photograph below is the earliest known picture of Elsie with her brother Bob.

Siblings, Robert & Elsie Cobb in Christchurch c1874.
Photo possibly by Harriet Cobb
(Courtesy of J Henry)

Elsie appears to have attended the Congregational School on Milhams Road, Christchurch. The girls were taught on the ground floor of a two storey building. Boys were taught on the upper floor.

As a twelve year old she emigrated to New Zealand with her parents and eight siblings in 1883 on the ship, Lady Jocelyn. The family arrived in Wellington on 1 January 1884. 

Joseph and Harriet with their children, 1883. 
Elsie is standing in the middle, next to her father.
Photo probably by E Day & Son 
(Courtesy of J Henry)

The Cobb family boarded the ship 'Kiwi' to take them to their new home in Napier. They arrived in Napier on 5 January 1884. 

There they were met by Elsie's aunt, Emily Lydford, and her husband Richard who had arrived in New Zealand in 1879. There were three little cousins for Elsie to meet: Richard Jnr, William, and baby George.

The Cobb family lived in Port Ahuriri for a short time before shifting to Hastings in early 1885. The Cobbs returned to live in Napier in 1889.

It seems that Elsie was an intelligent student, gaining first prize for General Proficiency while in Standard IV at Spit School. 

Elsie also enjoyed practical subjects and was particularly good with needle and thread, scoring 80% for sewing and winning a special prize for her efforts.

On 6 April 1892, when Elsie was 20 years old, her youngest brother, John Wesley Cobb was born. 

The Cobb sisters, from left: Mabel, Dorothy (back), Elsie, and Mary.
Probably taken by Harriet Cobb. Date unknown.
(Courtesy of J Henry)

In 1892 E Cobb (presumably Elsie) was elected to the committee of the Wesleyan Band of Hope along with G Cobb. We are pretty sure this refer to Elsie but not quite sure if G Cobb refers to George as he was meant to be serving on Home Mission at the time. Later in 1892 E Cobb is again at a Band of Hope social. This time she performs a recitation with two other girls. Elsie's mum sings at this social and another Cobb girl also sings, possibly Mary, who was known to be a good singer. This may have been the time that Elsie and Robert Ashcroft, her future husband, came into regular contact as he held the position of Honourable Secretary in 1892.

The Cobb family were big supporters of the 'Women's Suffrage' campaign which was demanding that women be given the right to vote in parliamentary elections. In 1892, when Elise was 21, she signed the petition in Napier. Her mother and sister-in-law, Laura Cobb (nee Goldfinch) did too. This petition was presented to the New Zealand Parliament in 1893 and led to the law change in which women gained equal voting rights alongside men. 

Elsie married Robert Walker Ashcroft (2nd qtr 1870 - 24 March 1937) who was tinsmith . Their wedding was held at the Cobb family home on Emerson Street, Napier, on 25 January 1894. The notice of the marriage was announced in the Daily Telegraph 27 January 1894, Issue 6972. (Ashcroft family had arrived in New Zealand from England in 1884 on the SS British King.)

Robert and Elsie had seven children, their youngest being adopted:
  • George Alfred Ashcroft (1895 - 8 June 1900)
  • Eric Arthur Ashcroft (8 Feb 1896 - 1 Nov 1959) 
  • Robert (Bert) Peter Ashcroft (9 Oct 1898- 10 May 1965) 
  • Joseph (Joe) James George Ashcroft (15 Dec 1901- 14 May 1975)
  • Harold Day Ashcroft (10 Mar 1904 - 6 Oct 1982)
  • Dorothy Henrietta Ashcroft (26 Mar 1906 - 19 Feb 1978)
  • Joyce (Joy) Harriett Ashcroft (born Cobb) (1912-1994)

Robert and Elsie Ashcroft with one of their children, probably Eric Arthur,
and if so, the photo would have been taken around 1896/7.
This photo was taken by Harriet Cobb.
(Photo courtesy of J Ashcroft.)

Robert must have been very spiritual and a good speaker. In August 1894, he was appointed to preach at the Greenmeadows (Presbytarian?) Church's 7pm service. 

Elsie Ashcroft, date unknown
Photo probably by Harriet Cobb.
(Courtesy of J Henry)

Elsie & Robert Ashcroft with their families, c1899.
In the window, left to right: Ellen (Viney) Cobb (George Cobb's wife)
with son Bernard, Henrietta Ashcroft (Robert's mother)
Standing at rear, left to right: Peter Ashcroft, George Cobb, George Ashcroft,
Eric Ashcroft, James Ashcroft (Robert's father)
Sitting at front, left to right, Septimus Ashcroft, Horrie Ashcroft (wife of Peter Ashcroft),
Elsie holding Bert, Robert Ashcroft, Mary Cobb (Elsie's sister), Harold Cobb (Elsie's brother)
Photographer unknown.
(Courtesy of J Henry)

In 1899 Elise, one of her sisters and a few other church ladies, were in charge of the refreshment stall at the Trinity Church Bazaar. It was recommended that those attending the fair try the food on sale there!

Robert and Elsie's oldest child, George died in Dannevirke on 8 June 1900. He was five and a half years old. The circumstances of his death are unknown. 

Article image

Robert and Elsie Ashcroft lived in Waipawa in 1900 according to census records. Septimus Ashcroft, Robert's brother, also lived there. 

Robert must have been quite a creative type as it is reported in late 1900 that he, along with a Mr G Smart, applied for a patent for their invention described as a "splash-proof rim for milk can lids."
It wasn't a one off invention, because in May 1903, Robert, along with a friend and his brother Septimus (a store manager) applied for a patent for an improved collapsible box they they had devised. The Evening Post 27 July 1903, reported that they had improved the means for "putting up butter and the like into regular quantities." Another newspaper described the invention as "parcelling butter." Later the same year Robert applied for a patent for "tank cleaning overflow."

In 1903, Elsie returned to Napier to attend the wedding of her sister Alice (Mabel), and is pictured in the family portrait below.
Wedding of Alice (Mabel) to Alfred Jacobi, 1903.
Elsie is seated on the far right of this picture.
Photographer unknown.

The Ashcroft family lived in Hawera in 1904. It seems that Robert's mother was visiting them at the time of her unexpected death.

In June 1905, Robert and his family were living in Pahiatua. A newspaper notice indicated that Robert and his brother Septimus, along with three other Dannevirke men sought a patent for an improved water closet that they had constructed. Also in 1905 Robert applied for a patent for a spouting bracket he had devised.

In 1906 there is evidence that Robert had been working in partnership with two others as a plumber with J W Mills & Co in the Pahiatua and Fielding region.

Robert and Elsie appear to have been involved in the Methodist Church in Pahiatua. Robert may have been the treasurer there. In December 1908 he was the delegate chosen by his church to attend the Wellington District Methodist Synod's finances meeting. At this meeting Robert's church was given a grant of 30 pounds. 

Robert ran unsuccessfully for the Borough Council in the local body elections in 1909. 

Robert, it seems, was well involved in the local bowling club and may have been in the invitational side that attended the opening of the Terrence End Bowling Club in Palmerston North in December 1909. In 1910, The Fielding Star reported that the in-form Pahiatua bowling team included a R W Ashcroft and that they were about to challenge the holders of the Dixon Cup. It seems that he was also in a 1910 team that challenged for the President's Trophy.

An Ashcroft family portrait from about 1910:
The Ashcroft family. From left: Robert Jnr, Robert Snr,
Harold, Eric (back), Dorothy (front), Elsie, and Joseph (Joe).
Date unknown, but likely to be around 1910.
(Photo courtesy of J Ashcroft.)

In March 1911 Elsie's father, Joseph, passed away. Elsie and Robert were living in Pahiatua at the time. 

Harold, Joseph and Dorothy Ashcroft pictured at the Marima School c1911
Photographer unknown
(Courtesy of C Martin)

While living in the small rural community of Newman, Robert and Elsie became the guardians of their Elsie's niece, Mabel Cecelia Jacobi for a short period after her father died. The period was probably from late 1911 until at least 7 February 1912. The Newman School recorded Robert Ashcroft as being the child's guardian. Mabel's last day at that school was 7 February 1912. She was then taken back to Dannevirke. 

We know that the Ashcroft family lived in Eketahuna in 1913. It was here that Robert fell seriously ill in August of that year, and was sent to Palmerston North hospital to have surgery. In the first half of 1914 Elsie's youngest brother, John lived in Eketahuna and worked as a builder. His diary noted several weekend visits to the Ashcroft farm.

It seems that during the war years, the Ashcroft family lived in or near Te Kuiti. Elsie's sister Dorothy, and her family also lived there. 

In November 1914, the following statement was printed in the Wairarapa Age:
Mr R W Ashcroft, formally of 
Eketahuna, had invented a milk agi-
tator, which stirs the milk in the 
can at regular intervals throughout 
the night, thereby preventing the 
cream rising and increasing the test, 
besides keeping the milk in perfect 
condition. A syndicate has the de-
velopment of the invention in hand.

An Ashcroft family portrait possibly taken around 1915, just before Eric left for the war:

The Ashcroft family. From left: Harold, Esie, Eric,
Dorothy, Robert (Bert), Robert Snr, Joseph
Date unknown, but possibly 1915.
(Photo courtesy of J Ashcroft.)

In 1916 R W Ashcroft of Te Kuiti, sought a patent for a milking machine that he had constructed.

In May 1916 son Eric was honoured at a patriotic church service at the Pahiatua Methodist Church, along with other WW1 servicemen from the region. Eric's uncle, John Wesley Cobb, was also recognised at the same service. A 'roll of honour' plaque was made containing the names of thirty Methodist church members from the region. The names of both Eric and Jack are engraved on it.

On 1 December 1917, Robert and Elsie wrote a letter to the Defence Officer in Te Kuiti giving their consent for their son Robert Jnr to enlist for war. At the time he had just turned 19. They were living in Arapae, near Te Kuiti.

In 1918, Elsie's brother Percy lost his wife in the Influenza Epidemic, leaving three young daughters. They were placed in Salvation Army children's homes. At some point, the youngest girl, Joyce (known as Joy) visited the Ashcroft home. The family eventually officially adopted her.

According to the military records of both Eric Ashcroft and his brother, Robert Jnr, we know that by 1921, Robert and Elsie were living at 32 King Street, Frankton Junction, Hamilton (house no longer there). An R W Ashcroft from the Auckland District passed the Plumber's Board exam in November 1921 and became a registered plumber. This could refer to Robert, although he would have been 50 years old!

Eventually Robert and Elsie settled in Church Street, Otahuhu, Auckland where they lived out their days.

In December 1919, a few months after returning from the war, Elsie's son Robert visited his Uncle George in Martinborough. While there, he attended a dance at the Town Hall with his uncle and aunt, his cousin Mabel, and probably her boyfriend George.

Robert and Elsie officially adopted Joy Cobb in 1923 when she was ten years old. 

It is likely that the R W Ashcroft of Onehunga, Auckland, mentioned in the papers of May 1925 refers to Robert being apointed to the position of assistant sanitary inspector within the Masterton Borough Council. 

Elsie's mother, Harriet, was living with Elsie and Robert when she passed away on 18 December 1929. Her death notice is listed below:

Article image

By 1930 Robert and Elsie were living at 49 Church Street Otahuhu, Auckland. It is likely that his father James was also living with them at the time of his death on 10 September 1930

In July 1931, Elsie and 19 year old Joyce attended the Ladies Evening at the Masonic Lodge where 250 guests were present. A newspaper report of the occasion describe the attair of all the ladies present!

It seems that in 1931 Robert became involved in council matters as an Inspector of  Noxious Weeds. A newspaper announcement indicates that he was keen to rid the Mt Wellington area of Winged and Scotch Thistles, amongst other weeds.

There was a report in the papers in 1931 of a diphtheria outbreak in Otahuhu. A Mr R W Ashcroft, the borough inspector announced that it had been checked and he was confident that there would be no reocurrance. In 1936 a Mr R W Ashcroft, building inspector gave a report to the Papatoetoe Town Board about the cost of building and renovation projects in the area over the four month period prior. We are unsure if the Mr Ashcroft mentioned in these stories refers to Robert.

Apparently Robert made violins as a hobby, labeling them 'Dominus providebit,' The Lord will provide.

In May 1936, Robert and Elsie attended the Ladies Evening of the Otahuhu Masonic Lodge. Robert was one of the winners of the game Five Hundred!

Elsie with two of her grandchildren, H Peter Ashcroft, and Elsie E Ashcroft c1936
Photographer unknown
(Courtesy of C Martin)

Robert died at home on 24 March 1937. He was 66 years old. It appears, judging by his death notice in the paper, that he had been suffering an illness for some time. A year later, son Eric and his family wrote of him, "He was a man among the few, God's choicest gift, a man who's true." 

In December 1947, Elsie attended the 40th wedding of her brother Robert and his wife Alice held in New Plymouth. She is shown in the photograph below with three of her siblings- George, Robert and Alf, along with Robert's family. (Alf, Robert, Elsie & George were the eldest surviving children of Joseph and Harriett Cobb.)

Robert and Alice's 40th wedding anniversary celebration - December 1947.
Back row, from left: John (Jack) Cobb, Esmae & Maurice Hitchcock, Dulcie & Eric Lambert, Freda Cobb, Lionel Cobb
Seated, from left: George Cobb, Elsie Ashcroft, Robert & Alice Cobb, Alf Cobb, Rod Lambert
Children at front, from left: Ian Lambert, Pete Lambert, Bev Hitchcock.
Photo by Tru-Tone, Hawera.
(Photo courtesy of G J Bland)

Elsie (seated far left) in Whangarei with her family at her grand-daughter's 21st birthday, 5 October 1954.
Back row, left to right: Bob Ashcroft, Joe Ashcroft, Brian Silson
Middle row, left to right: Harold D Ashcroft, Elsie Scown (Ethel Ashcroft's sister), Hilda Ashcroft (Harold's wife), Faith Ashcroft (Bob's wife), Ethel Ashcroft (Joe's wife), Norm Hooson
Front, from left to right: Elsie D Ashcroft, Margaret Silson, nee Ashcroft, Elsie E Ashcroft (later Hooson)
Photographer unknown.
(Courtesy of C Martin)

Elsie was 85 years old when she passed away in Auckland on 12 July 1957. She was buried next to her husband in the Otahuhu Cemetery, Area 2, Plot 787. The inscription of the gravestone reads, "In loving memory of Robert Walker, dearly loved husband of Elsie D. Ashcroft, died 24th March 1937 aged 66 yrs, and his beloved wife Elsie Day, died 12 July 1957 aged 85 yrs. God's precious gift remembrance. Ashcroft." 

The graves of Robert and Elsie Ashcroft, Harriett Cobb and James Ashcroft.
(Photo by K Bland 2016)

The graves of Robert and Elsie Ashcroft (left), and Harriett Cobb (right).
(Photo by K Bland 2016)

From left: the grave of Robert and Elsie Ashcroft, Harriett Cobb's grave, James Ashcroft's grave.
(Photo by K Bland 2016)

Gravestone of Robert and Elsie Ashcroft.
(Photo by K Bland 2016)

Gravestone of James Ashcroft, Robert Ashcroft's father.
(Photo by K Bland 2016)

Robert Walker Ashcroft
English-born Robert, emigrated to New Zealand in 1884 on the ship, The British King, with his parents, James and Henrietta, and four brothers. They settled in Napier, and lived on Carlyle Street. The Ashcroft family were involved in the Trinity Methodist Church in Napier, which is where they came into contact with the Cobb family. Henrietta, Robert's mother, signed the 1893 Women's Suffrage Petition.

Henrietta Louisa Ashcroft nee Riley, Robert's mother.
This photo was taken by Harriet Cobb. Date unknown.
(Photo courtesy of J Ashcroft)

James Ashcroft, Robert's father.
This photo was taken by Harriet Cobb. Date unknown.
(Photo courtesy of J Ashcroft)

Robert and his brothers.
(The Ashcroft brothers:
Arthur, Septimus, Robert, Alfred, Peter.
Arthur and Alfred were twins.)
This photo was taken by Harriet Cobb.
Date unknown.
(Photo courtesy of J Ashcroft)

The children of Robert & Elsie Ashcroft
  • George Alfred Ashcroft (1895 - 8 June 1900). 
    • George died aged 5 and a half, and is buried at the Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke. Plot unknown.
  • Eric Arthur Ashcroft (8 Feb 1896 - 1 Nov 1959) 
    • Eric was born in Napier. He was a cheesemaker in Mangamaire (near Palmerston North) before enlisting for war where he served as a rifleman. He was discharged from service in August 1917 diagnosed with DAH (disordered action of the heart) and moved to the Waikato. 
    • Eric married Esther Maude Griffin (1885? - 3 April 1957), in 1920. they had a son and two daughters.
      • Eric Robert Ashcroft (dates unknown)
        • Eric married Vivienne Joyce (dates unknown). They had two sons and three daughters.
      • Joy Ashcroft (dates unknown)
        • Joy married Jack Ordney (dates unknown). They had a son and a daughter.
      • Rae Ashcroft (dates unknown)
        • Rae married Ken Sandford (dates unknown). They had two daughters and a son.
    • Eric and Esther lived in a number of places, including Christchurch, Wanganui, Palmerston North, Waitomo, and Otahuhu. Esther died in Auckland in 1957 and was cremated. 
    • Shortly after Esther's death  Eric married again, this time, to his cousin, Clarice Evelyn Cobb (3 Feb 1907 - 27 Dec 1969). Their wedding date is unknown at present, but between 1957 and 1959. Clarice was the second eldest daughter of his uncle, Percy Cobb, and the birth-sister of his adopted sister Joyce. In Eric's military files, the 'Notification of Death' certificate indicates that Clarice was his next of kin, and that they lived at 110 Weymouth Road Extension, Weymouth. This means they were married less than two years before he passed away. 
Elsie Cobb at the wedding of her son Eric
to Clarice Cobb. c1957-59.
Photographer and date unknown.
(Photo courtesy of L Buckle.)
  • Robert (Bert) Peter Ashcroft (9 Oct 1898 - 10 May 1965) 
    • Robert (Bert) was born in Dannevirke in 1898. 
Baby Bert with his aunt, Dorothy Cobb (later Blackman) c1899.
Photo probably by Harriet Cobb.
(Courtesy of J Henry)

Bert Ashcroft c1899
Photo probably by Harriet Cobb
(Courtesy of J Henry)
    • He was a farmer in Arapae in the King Country prior to enlisting for war. He served as a private for just over one year and fortunately, never saw active service. He was discharged from service at the conclusion of the war and moved to the Waikato. 
    • Bert married Alice Broome (30 May 1896 - 23 May 1981) who was known as Betty in 1921. Bert and Betty had three daughters:
      • Elwyn Joy Ashcroft (7 July 1923 - 15 July 1994) who was known as Joy. Joy was born in Auckland. Her married name was Oudney. Joy died in Auckland in 1994.
      • Hazel Ashcroft (13 Mar 1927 - Jan 2013) was born in Australia. She died in Auckland. 
      • Valerie Ashcroft (Dates unknown). Valerie was adopted out.
    • Bert and Betty lived in Marsden, Northland in the late 1920s. They moved back to Auckland in the mid 1930s and resided firstly in Hauraki, then Otahuhu. In 1942, when they were living in Papatoetoe, Bert was included on the World War II ballot list. Bert and Betty lived at 6 Great South Road, Manurewa when he passed away. He is buried at the Papatoetoe Cemetery, Puhinui Road, RETUR, Plot 464. Betty died on 23 May 1981 and was buried with her husband.
  • Joseph (Joe) James George Ashcroft (15 Dec 1901 - 14 May 1975). 
    • Joe was born on 15 December 1901 in Palmerston North. His third name was given to him in memory of his eldest brother, George, who died aged 5 years. 
    • He married Ethel Sarah McKee-Montgomery (10 May 1904 - 18 Mar 1995) at the Methodist Church in Otahuhu on 21 April 1926. 
    • Joe and Ethel had three children:
      • Edith Mary Ashcroft (26 Nov 1927 - 26 Nov 1927)
      • Robert (Bob) James Ashcroft (6 August 1930 - 16 August 2007)
        • Bob was born at Nurse Pee's in Otahuhu, Auckland. While he began his schooling at Kaihu, he continued his education in Whangarei when the family moved to Northland.
        • Bob married Faith Annette Morris Brent (8 June 1930 - 2 July 1957) at the Church of England in Whangarei on 1 December 1951. Bob and Faith had a daughter and two sons.
        • After Bob's marriage with Faith ended, he had a daughter with a barmaid from the Dargaville Hotel. 
        • Bob later married Eleanor Margaret Bell (30 Nov 1940 - ) at the Congregational Church, Whangarei, on 27 January 1962. Bob and Eleanor had two daughters.
      • Elsie Eunice Ashcroft (5 Oct 1933 - )
        • Elsie was born in St Helen's Hospital, Auckland.
        • She married Norman Leslie Hooson (3 Oct 1926 - 11 Nov 2016) in the Methodist Church, Whangarei on 9 October 1954. They had four children.
    • Joe and Ethel lived in Otahuhu, Auckland, then Mercer. Joe was a plumber/builder. They shifted to Kaihu in Northland for work in 1935.
    • The Ashcrofts moved to Northland in 1938/39. They enjoyed holidays at their bach in Ruakaka (Marsden). 
    • Joe was included on the World War 2 ballot list in November 1942. He spent the war years in Auckland as a cook in the army.
    • Joe died at home in 1975 aged 73, and was buried in the Maunu Cemetery, Whangarei, Forest Lawn Block 24, Plot 2656. When Ethel died in 1995 aged 90, her ashes were buried in the same plot.
Joe and Ethel Ashcroft with the children of their son Robert.
Whangarei, 1956
Photographer unknown.
(Photo courtesy of L Buckle)
  • Harold Day Ashcroft (10 Mar 1904- 6 Oct 1982). 
    • Harold married Maria Hilda Pippen (January 1906 - 9 May 1991) in 1930. She was known has Hilda. They had two sons and two daughters.
    • Electoral Rolls show that Harold and Hilda initially lived in Hauraki, then followed older brother, Joseph, to Kaipara, Northland. Also, like Joseph, Harold was included on the World War 2 ballot list in November 1942. 
    • Around 1946, Harold and Hilda moved to Marsden, then spent their last years in Whangarei. Harold died in 1982 aged 78, and was buried in the Maunu Cemetery, Whangarei, Maunu Park Block 28, Plot 4032. When Hilda died in 1991 aged 84, she was buried in the same plot.
  • Dorothy Henrietta Ashcroft (20 Mar 1906 - 19 Feb 1978). 
    • Dorothy was born in Pahiatua. 
    • She married Neil Larsen (dates unknown). They had two daughters.
    • Dorothy later married William Budd (dates unknown).
    • Dorothy died in Te Awamutu in 1978.
  • Joyce (Joy) Harriett Ashcroft (born Cobb) (9 May 1910 - 1994). 
    • Joy was Percy and Charlotte Cobb's youngest daughter. It seems that she was officially adopted into the Ashcroft family in 1923, when she was ten years old. (Elsie Ashcroft was the older sister of Joy's birth father, Percy.)
    • Joy married Walter Nelson Burgess (known as Nelson) (3rd qtr 1913 - 2 Sep 2002). 
Elsie Ashcroft with her adopted daughter Joy on her wedding day.
(Photo courtesy of G J Bland)
    • Nelson and Joy had two sons and a daughter. 
    • In September 1942, The New Zealand Gazette listed Nelson Burgess as living at 49 Church Street, Otahuhu (Elsie Ashcroft's home) and was working as a lorry driver. 
    • Nelson also worked as a draughtsman, and was a WWII serviceman with the service number 562756, who reluctantly left for war in 1944 from Mackay Street, Thames. He eventually earned the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in the New Zealand Infantry. Nelson was wounded during the war and was hospitalised in Sienna.
    • It seems that the Burgess family lived in Hauraki in the late 1940s, and then moved to Mt Albert, Auckland where they lived for several decades. The 1949 Electoral Roll records Nelson and Joy living at 64 Kiwitea Streat, Mt Albert. He was working as a wood pulp worker. The Electoral Roll for 1963 indicates that Nelson was living in Mt Albert and working as a 'crockery worker'.
    • According to Archway Archives NZ, Nelson and Joy filed for divorce in the High Court in Auckland in 1967. 
    • The New Zealand Census of 1981 states that Joy was retired, and living on Denbeigh Avenue, Mt Roskill, Auckland. 
    • Nelson died in 2002, aged 89, and is buried at the Waikaraka Cemetery, Onehunga, Auckland at Military Area 1 Block ROW H, Plot 6. 
    • Joy died in Christchurch in 1994.
    • Other information, and photographs of Joy can be found by clicking the link here. 
Joy Burgess with Elsie Ashcroft, her adopted mother.
Photographer and date unknown.
(Photo courtesy of L Buckle.)

Joy Burgess in the 1950s.
Photographer unknown.
(Photo courtesy of L Buckle.)

Joy Burgess when she was in her 70s.
Photographer and date unknown.
(Photo courtesy of L Buckle.)

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