Saturday, 3 October 2015

Discoveries at Trinity Methodist Church

While browsing the archives at the Trinity Methodist Church, Napier we came across some amazing family history. It was exciting to turn the old pages of the roll books and church minutes and see the names of our family members there.

Here are some of our discoveries...

The Marriage Certificate for Thomas Smith and Jane Gardner,
my great great grandmother. (Thomas Smith was her second husband.)
Signatures on Thomas and Jane's Marriage Certificate.

Marriage Certificates for Great Aunt Mary,
Marriage Certificate for Robert G Graham and Mary E Cobb 1907.
Signatures on Robert and Mary's Marriage Certificate.

Great Aunt Alice (Mabel),
Marriage certificate of Alfred Jacobi and Alice Mabel Cobb 1903.
Signatures on Alfred and Mabel's Marriage Certificate.

Great Uncle Harold, 

Marriage Certificate for Harold Cobb and Madoline Edwards 1908.
Signatures on Harold and Madge's Marriage Certificate.

Great Aunt Dorothy,
Marriage Certificate for Arnold Blackman and Dorothy Cobb 1907.
Signatures on Arnold and Dorothy's Marriage Certificate.

and, some christening particulars for Great Uncle John (Jack).
John Wesley, son of Joseph Edward & Harriett Sophia Cobb.
Born 6 April 1892 in Napier. Christened 29 May 1892.

Both Joseph and Harriet are nominated at the church meeting, to prepare for the Synod. 

We saw that great great grandad Joseph concluded a church business meeting on 20 July 1904 with a prayer. 

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