Saturday, 8 August 2015

Through the archives

Uncle Len has a treasure trove of family artifacts and stories about the Cobb family of Napier. It was lovely spending a few hours with him today talking about the various family members! Here are some photos of the treasures in his collection...

Harriet on her wedding day, 24 December 1866.
Harriet, around the time of her marriage.
Joseph and Harriet's daughters, Mary and Mabel.
Photo taken around 1881.
Mary Cobb. Photo taken around 1880.
Lily Harriett Cobb, Joseph and Harriet's youngest daughter.
Photo taken in 1886.
Harriet and some of her children at a family wedding.
Date unknown.
Joseph & Harriet's grandson Lynch (Alf's son).
Photo taken around 1915.
Joseph and Harriet's grandaughter Ruth
with her husband Tommy Hogan and baby Eunice.
Photo taken around 1916.
Harriet's camera with a selection of the photographs she took.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Harriet S Cobb

Here are some photographs of Harriet, taken throughout her life.

Joseph and Harriet with their children, 1883.

Harriet with grandchildren, Dulcie and Lionel Cobb.