Monday, 11 January 2016

Gordon Graham

Little Gordon Graham was left mother-less in 1908, when he was just one year old.

He was taken care of my his father's sister. Ida. who cared for him like her own. 

Here are some pictures of Gordon's first few years. 

Mary Graham (nee Cobb) holds her son Gordon.
It appears it is the day of his christening.
It is unclear who the other lady is,
but it is likely to be an aunt, perhaps Ida Graham. 1907.

Mary Graham (nee Cobb), Gordon's mother. Around 1907/8. 

Gordon had fantastic curls. 1907/8

Gordon Graham. Around 1908.

Aunt Ida Graham with her nephew Gordon. Around 1908.

Gordon Graham with his father, Robert. Around 1908.

Gordon Graham with Aunt Ida. Around 1910.

Gordon Graham. Date unknown.